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Not many people go into business because they love admin and bookkeeping. They generally have their own business and just want the bookkeeping to be the easy part. They want simplicity....they NEED simplicity. They may not quite meet the deadlines and the state of their your desk is an endless mess of paperwork. This is an extremely common situation. They are definitely not alone. People go into business to make money, yes, but they also do it to do something satisfying and fulfilling, something they are really good at, not to spend their 'down time' worrying about bookkeeping and about reporting to the ATO. The way this stuff affects your demeanor can have flow on affects on your turnover - it takes time away from the work you should be doing, from what you want to be doing. As a business owner, you know you are legally obliged to report on many aspects of your business in many ways. Your financial record keeping is far more than just meeting your obligations, however. It directs you. It is the basis of your financial management decisions.

Meeting your business obligations

Imagine if the bookkeeping and reporting was no longer a burden, but was an integral part of your business, of your day, simply and seamlessly happening in the back ground. Imagine having the confidence to step out into your business every day and focusing on the bits that make you truly happy. And imagine how the difference in you as a person could attract more clients, more business, and more turnover. That's the difference meeting your business obligations can make in your life and it's the difference I believe having simple and systematic bookkeeping practices can make.


Work with a reliable professional

I have been in this business in the ACT region for more than 18 years and boy have things changed in that time! What hasn't changed is how easy it is to get an ABN and to start your own business. While the ATO website offers a wealth of information on all of the rules and legal obligations you are now bound by, it doesn't sit you down and tell you exactly which ones apply to you. That's all up to you. Part of my role is to help you sort that out. My client list in the Canberra and Queanbeyan area includes, but is not limited to, property developers, trades-people, medical clinics and professionals, and finance professionals. They all have different requirements, some with payroll, some not, and all on different reporting cycles. I relish the opportunity to help people get on top of their business affairs and I love helping business owners understand what it all means. I am a qualified and accredited BAS Agent and I work closely with business owners and their accountants to help those owners achieve the best outcomes possible for their businesses.

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