Services offered by CBFB

  • data entry

  • transaction coding

  • bank reconciliations

  • BAS preparation and lodgement

  • payroll

  • superannuation preparation, lodgement and payment

  • PAYG reporting

  • EOY preparation

  • systems and organisation

  • financial interpretatoin

  • Long Service Leave preparation and lodgement


All standard services are offered at a fixed hourly rate, ranging from $60-$90 per hour, depending upon the nature and requirements of your business. You will not receive additional charges for lodging reports with the ATO, or for EOFY preparation - this is included in your hourly rate. If you engage my services, I will make myself available to answer any questions you have regarding your books on an as-needed basis without additional fees. Further business, management and financial services that do not fall within the list above can certainly be discussed, so you don't have to feel limited by the standard services list. 


What are your reporting requirements? We will work together to make sure those requirements are met. We will also assess what reporting schedule benefits your business the most, while keeping it as simple as we can, and make the necessary changes to keep your business on track.  Getting your reporting schedule right can greatly affect your cash flow, and if you get that right and you will reap the rewards. 

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