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Professional, reliable, efficient and supportive bookkeeping.

It’s about the whole business.

Hi, I’m Fran

I look after your business through numbers.

I have a passion for business and all its mechanics, and I see numbers as part of the foundation of a good business. The better the numbers, the better the business. I love helping other people succeed in their business and I’m inspired by people who harness their passion and turn that into a valuable service.

After more than 20 years, my small, Canberra based business has a bigger heart than ever. By looking after a business through its numbers, my goal is to have business owners feel confident that their information is up-to-date, that the numbers are reliable and accurate, and that they feel supported in working towards and achieving their business goals. Handing your books over to someone should be an uplifting experience and meeting your tax obligations simply a process, not a burden.

I am super strong on ethics in business and maintain a current working knowledge of all things, legislation-driven and otherwise, relevant to your business.

My job is to treat your business with the accuracy and precision you would. I focus my attention on the nuts and bolts.


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I build confidence and trust
through professionalism and caring.

I am a registered BAS agent and owner of Capital Bookkeeping, Financials & Business, with a passion for business management. My key responsibilities are to maintain business books and accounts, playing a supportive role to business owners by providing up to date information as needed and in a timely manner.
I have a bachelor’s degree in business management, a Certificate IV in Financial Services – bookkeeping, and over twenty years of experience in the industry. I am driven to continue to build confidence and trust in the business owners I work with through professionalism, knowledge, and reliability.

And I care.

After years of prior experience working in small and corporate businesses across various parts of Victoria and New South Wales, I settled in Canberra twenty odd years ago where I raised two kids and a husband…the kids are now semi-grown, my husband and I have become owner builders, and I have a little side hustle as a jazzercise instructor.

Fran has been looking after the bookkeeping and payroll for my business for 5 years.  She is professional, reliable, and efficient and I would have been lost without her accounting know-how as my business has grown.  Best of all, Fran is so down-to-earth and easy to communicate with, makes doing business with her such a pleasure.

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