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Bookkeeping Blockbuster

Join me

for three half-hour video sessions to get your bookkeeping on track and keep it that way.

Session One:

We will discuss your business and your bookkeeping system, as well as the practicalities for a busy professional, and the options for improving, streamlining, and polishing your system. This one is about you and it will result in you making firm decisions around the system you already have in place, and changes that need to be made.

True fact:
You didn’t enter the professional business world
to be bogged down in bookkeeping.

bookkeeping and diary planning

Session Two:

This will be about the nuts and bolts of your bookkeeping and refining the workings of your bookkeeping system. We will be looking for processes and procedures that work for you to further improve your bookkeeping processes and regain your sense of control and organisation.

Simple systems and streamlined set-up
will have you spending your valuable time on your profession
rather than predominantly on business keeping.

Session Three:

Lastly, we will refine your bookkeeping workflow and deal with any remaining loose ends. The processes and procedures that work specifically for you will be established. You will leave your final session with renewed confidence in yourself and your business management skills, with a load off your mind, knowing you are in control of your business and your books, and knowing you can measure your success and plan for business growth via your business performance at any moment in time. And of course, you will have strategies for getting back on track when things get behind.

Fran has been looking after the bookkeeping and payroll for my business for 5 years.  She is professional, reliable, and efficient and I would have been lost without her accounting know-how as my business has grown. 

Best of all, Fran is so down-to-earth and easy to communicate with, it makes doing business with her such a pleasure!


Three short, sharp sessions that fit neatly around your professional commitments will launch your practices to the upper levels of efficiency in the shortest possible time. This three-step program gets you to identify how you would like to achieve greater control and organisation in your business and bookkeeping. Simple, streamlined bookkeeping solutions are the foundation of flawless business keeping and that’s what you can expect to achieve.


Each session will be tailored to your needs based on your business structure, turnover and schedule, as well as what works best for you as a professional. This could be the DIY approach or outsourcing, as long as it works for YOU!


You will receive check lists, scheduling calendars, reporting calendars, guidelines for best practice methods and top tips. You will have the opportunity to book further mentoring sessions. Most of all, you will achieve an ongoing, overall sense of organisation, balance and control, and predictability when it comes to your books and bookkeeping.


A total of $107
will secure three, half-hour sessions
jam-packed with content
based on your business and your requirements.



Hi, I’m Fran. I am a registered BAS Agent and a bookkeeper of 21 years.

I’ve worked in many and varied environments and what stands out the most is that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in the world of bookkeeping.

The way you manage your bookkeeping requirements is an entirely individual thing and it’s governed by how you ‘work’ as an individual. Of course, this goes way beyond the computerised, cloud-based accounting system you use. That’s just the tool. You still have to be an operator and you still have to apply knowledge and discipline to get the job done.

Keeping it simple is the key. That’s what I help you do.

Want to get started?

…Fran has been with us every step of the way and has always provided professional and timely service, with up to date working knowledge of all requirements and all with a beautiful smile on her face. Our team loves seeing Fran when she comes to our office and considers her as part of our original team members. Fran would be an asset to any sole trader or company, we can’t imagine trading without her.